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Kosb Mah. Organik Cad. Kosb Sit. No:7
Aydınlı - Tuzla İSTANBUL



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Wall Panels

Type Panels

Standing Type Panels

Console Panels

Stainless Panels

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Laser Cutting And Bending

Minimum Production Error

7/24 Serial Production

Low Cost

Sheet metal cutting of materials such as black sheet, DKP, stainless sheet, stainless steel, aluminum sheet, and aluminum steel is done.

Laser Cutting
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Paint Facility

Electrostatic Powder Paint And Washing

We perform electrostatic powder paint and washing process of all parts with our paint facility.

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Product Quality Assurance

Quality Production

Professional Equipment

Expert teams

Earned Experience

100% Customer Satisfaction

Pergel Endüstriyel Metal Machine Park

Metal Forming

We are meeting compainies needs at mechanic forming point.

Quality Production

We are investing sustained new for quality production.


We are rapidly forwarding the goods which produced as per customers request.


We are always giving confidence to our customers in quality production and fast delivery.

About Us

We started to operate in a production area of 150 m2 at Tuzla Orhanlı and at the beginning compaines started to work in various fields such as industrial weighing systems, telecommunication and defense industry to meet the needs of mechanical shaping. In line with our vision and mission values, we made laser cutting machine investments after the first CNC Abkant, twist, with the demands of our customers.
Towards the end of 2016, we moved 2.000 m2 closed and 2.000 m2 open area to the KİMYACILAR SANAYİ SİTESİ.

Our company has shown itself as an approved supplier of leading compaines in the industry with his determination and endeavor that he has shown in a short time.

Our Specializations

In direction of customer's request , we will start by determining the needs at first and will work in digital environment after wards. Our business plans are prepared in order to needs customer’s meet in this way metals are shared accordingly.

In cutting operations, tools and molds are by using laser cutting so errors caused by the human factor are greatly reduced due to the resulting work force machines.

We are servicing the parks and horticulture industrial designs and wide range of products that we are specially producing for the municipalities.

Machine Park

Pergel Industrial Metal Presentation Video

You can get information about our company by watching our visual promotional advertisement.

You can get information about the products that are produced and are still being produced.